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My Ortho App


My Orthodontist

A quick and easy way to keep in touch with Medland Orthodontics through your smart phone

• Appointments
• Account balance
• About the doctor and staff
• FAQs
• Videos and other media
• News items and RSS feeds

Setup Instructions:

Download the My Orthodontist app from the Apple Store or Google Play (at no cost).

As you are a new patient, you will have to create a new account. There are 3 options:

1. SCAN QR CODE (while you’re at our office)
a. Open the My Orthodontist app. The login screen opens.
b. Click on the QR Code icon and give your phone to our reception staff to scan your personal QR Code linked to your account.
c. Proceed to STEP 4.

2. RECEIVE EMAIL INVITATION (when out of our office)
a. Give our practice a call on 5597 3344 and request that we send you a My Ortho App Invitation.
b. You will receive an email from us.
NOTE: Make sure you open your email on the mobile device you want to activate the My Ortho App on.
c. Click on the icon in the email ‘click this secure link’.
d. Follow the prompts.
e. Proceed to STEP 4.

a. Open the My Orthodontist app. The login screen opens.
b. Touch the Create Account button on the login screen. The Create an Account screen opens.
c. Type in the practice name: Medland Orthodontics
d. Touch the Choose One… field, and select from one of the options: registering as a Patient, Responsible Party or Both. e. Proceed to STEP 4.

a. Complete the form, entering your details corresponding to the details given to our practice at your first appointment. (Be sure to include a special character in your password for it to be valid eg ! * %).
b. Touch the Submit button – the My Orthodontist app will verify the information you have entered and send you an email with a verification code. Touch OK.
c. After receiving the verification email, enter the code into the app validation code page, or click on the email link to open this page. Enter the validation code as prompted.
d. The My Orthodontist app will prompt you to create an optional 4-digit passcode, which means you can access the app without entering your username and password each time.
e. You can now begin using My Orthodontist on your mobile device.

Or download our A4 pdf instructions below.
My Orthodontist App Instructions


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