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What Causes Rotten Baby Teeth and How To Prevent It

Even children can get cavities in their baby teeth. Rotten baby teeth, known as Caries, can cause an array of problems that continue even after the baby teeth fall out. Luckily, it can be prevented.

Common Causes of Rotten Baby Teeth

When a baby’s mouth becomes infected by acid-producing bacteria, tooth decay occurs. Even caregivers and parents can pass on bacteria to babies through saliva. This can be done through testing foods before you feed your baby or cleaning off a pacifier in your mouth.
Tooth decay also occurs when a baby’s teeth and gums are exposed to foods or liquids for long periods. The added or even natural sugars turn to acid in the baby’s mouth. The acid dissolves the outer part of a baby’s teeth, resulting in rotten baby teeth.
A common cause of baby tooth decay is when you put a baby to bed with a bottle. It can also happen when you allow your little one to drink anything other than water from a bottle or sippy cup. Ideally, you should only serve milk with meals instead of at nap times, bedtime or throughout the day.

What To Do About Baby Tooth Decay

To prevent rotten baby teeth, don’t let your child go to bed with a sippy cup or bottle of juice or milk. If your child really wants something to drink before bedtime, choose water.
Another way to prevent baby tooth decay is to avoid giving your baby foods that are high in acid or sugar. A good example is citrus foods. These weaken tooth enamel, making your little one more susceptible to cavities and decay.
Also, make sure that you brush and floss your little one’s teeth every day.
Use a soft-bristled brush when brushing your child’s teeth and try to brush at least twice a day and after your child eats anything sugary. Avoid using a fluoride toothpaste until your baby is at least two years old or when he or she can spit out the toothpaste.
Follow these tips to help your little ones avoid rotten baby teeth and a host of dental problems!
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