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Accelerated Orthodontics

Do customized orthodontic appliances and vibration devices provide more efficient treatment than conventional methods? For those who are not aware of this new technology, this is an intra oral device that applies vibration for 20 minutes a day to the teeth of patients who are having orthodontic treatment.  The aim of AcceleDent/ Propel is to … Read more

causes of crooked baby teeth

Do Crooked Baby Teeth Cause a Problem Later in Childhood?

From the minute your child’s teeth erupt, you should keep an eye on their oral hygiene. While their baby teeth will eventually fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth, it’s still important that their oral hygiene is maintained for healthy teeth later in life. So, does it really matter if they have crooked baby … Read more

what causes yellow teeth in children

The Most Common Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children

Most of us know what causes yellow teeth in adults, but what about yellow teeth in children? There are plenty of potential causes, and they can be either external or internal. If your child has yellow teeth, you may want to know what’s causing them and what can be done about it. What You Need … Read more

correct an overbite with braces

Can You Correct An Overbite with Braces?

Overbites are a common condition we see at Medland Orthodontics. Just like the misalignment of teeth, an overbite can be fixed by your orthodontist, no matter your age. One way to correct an overbite is with braces. Why You Need to Correct an Overbite Misaligned or crowded teeth can trap food debris in gaps and … Read more

family books consultation with specialist orthodontist

What Is a Specialist Orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone extra years of training, focused on orthodontics. In dentistry, there are a number of specialist areas, including endodontics (root canal therapy), prosthodontics (this includes restorative treatments like crowns and bridges) and oral surgery. Orthodontics is concerned with treating jaw and teeth irregularities. It usually involves straightening … Read more

how to treat chalky teeth

What Causes Chalky Teeth and What Can You Do About It?

Have you ever ground your teeth together and it feels like chalk? It’s a valid comparison since chalky teeth is a temporary side effect of eating certain foods that are high in oxalic acid, like strawberries or spinach. A quick mouthwash rinse or even swishing water around in your mouth will get rid of the … Read more

find a Brisbane orthodontist today

How to Find Brisbane Orthodontist Near Me

Finding a reputable Brisbane orthodontist near you all starts with an evaluation. Below, we give you a few top tips on how to find an orthodontist. First, the Facts Orthodontics is a special area of dentistry. An orthodontist provides treatment for teeth and jaw alignment problems, including crooked teeth, crowded teeth and misaligned bites. Your … Read more

how to help children with teeth grinding

Teeth Grinding In Children – How Much Damage Are They Doing?

Have you ever peeked into your little one’s bedroom at night only to hear an odd noise? It sounds like two hard surfaces rubbing together. Teeth grinding occurs relatively frequently in children. Also called bruxism, it happens when your child grinds his or her jaws and rubs their teeth together. There are a number of … Read more

how to support your child with teen braces

Teen Braces – 6 Things You Can Do To Help Your Teen

For some teens, getting braces is a rite of passage. For others, it’s downright traumatic. They’re so worried about teasing and mockery that they can’t see the long-term benefits of teen braces. No matter how your teen feels, it’s important for you to provide the patience, support and encouragement they need to get through their … Read more

6 reasons to consider lingual braces

6 Reasons You Should Look At Lingual Braces Over Others

Also called inside braces, lingual braces have a bracket that attaches to the back of your teeth. This makes them an excellent option if you’re conscious of your appearance. In fact, someone would have to sit or stand pretty close to you to notice these braces. Let’s take a look at a few reasons you … Read more

what causes chalky teeth and how to treat it

4 Causes of Chalky Teeth and What You Can Do About Them

Hypomineralisation is the technical term for chalky teeth. Generally, the condition happens when tooth enamel, usually on the molars, has less mineral and is softer in texture, just like chalk. Nearly 1 in 6 children have hypomineralisation and the condition varies from mild to severe. While the condition isn’t necessarily linked to tooth decay,  it’s … Read more

important questions to ask your local orthodontist

7 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Local Orthodontist

Whenever you visit your local orthodontist, you’ll kick things off with a consultation. This is the perfect time to ask questions and get clarification to help you make informed decisions. How Long Will My Treatment Take? Everyone is different when it comes to how long their orthodontic treatment takes. It all depends on your specific … Read more

lingual braces for teeth straightening

Teeth Straightening -Why It’s Never Too Late to Have a Beautiful Smile

To many of us, braces may seem like an orthodontic treatment just for children. After all, they’re kind of a boasting rite for teens, aren’t they? Yet, nearly half of orthodontist Gold Coast patients are adults, and those numbers keep soaring. Every day, more adults are realising that it’s never too late to achieve a … Read more

considering when the right time to get braces is

When Is the Right Time for Braces?

Whether you’re thinking about getting braces for your teenager or yourself, orthodontic treatment can have different results depending on your problems. The good news, though, is that you’re never too old to achieve a straight and healthy smile. As long as you have teeth, it could be the right time for braces. A Few Braces … Read more

Invisalign clear braces

How Invisalign Is Changing Smiles One Smile At a Time

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic solution to straighter teeth. With the help of clear aligners, you can achieve a healthy smile in no time at all. One of the most exciting things about the aligners is that they are almost invisible, fitting snugly over your teeth. Each aligner in your treatment set slightly shifts your … Read more

beautiful straight smile

SureSmile Vs. Invisalign Braces – How to Choose the Right Ones

One of the most exciting things about orthodontics is just how much technology has forged ahead. Today, we enjoy a great deal of progression and with that comes more options for fixing jaw problems and straightening your smile. SureSmile and Invisalign braces are two popular technologies that can fix such issues. If you’ve been looking … Read more

close up of open mouth at brisbane orthodontics

Brisbane Orthodontics – Quality Braces & Putting On The Best Smile

Up until recently, the only option for people needing orthodontic treatment was a mouthful of metal braces. It’s what many of us still picture when we consider braces. But today there are so many different kinds of Brisbane orthodontics available, each designed to correct a bunch of different orthodontic issues. From highly improved metal braces … Read more

smiling girls can fix an underbite with invisalign

Can You Fix An Underbite with Invisalign?

An underbite is just not fun at all. Not only does it look a little peculiar, but it poses some serious health risks, too. It used to be that the only way you could rectify an underbite was with braces or surgery. Today, thankfully, there are far less invasive ways to deal with an underbite, … Read more