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Can You Correct An Overbite with Braces?

Overbites are a common condition we see at Medland Orthodontics. Just like the misalignment of teeth, an overbite can be fixed by your orthodontist, no matter your age. One way to correct an overbite is with braces.

Why You Need to Correct an Overbite

Misaligned or crowded teeth can trap food debris in gaps and hard to reach places. In turn, this increases your risk of cavities. Furthermore, gum disease and worn enamel can occur when your teeth rub against one another or against your gums.
That’s not all. An overbite can lead to sleep apnoea, horrible headaches and discomfort and pain when you eat.

Fix An Overbite with Braces

We’re all unique, and that means everybody’s mouth is different. In many cases, an overbite is related to the misalignment of teeth. Straightening your crooked teeth can help to realign your bite and correct misalignment of your jaw. If you need further jaw alignment, your orthodontist will achieve this with elastic bands.
There are times when overbites are the result of the way your jawbones form. These types of malocclusions and alignment problems may require more extensive treatment, such as surgery or tooth extraction. Usually, though, such invasive procedures aren’t necessary.
Even if your overbite is extreme, it’s highly likely that braces will be able to realign your smile. Remember that orthodontists treat more than just teeth. We take a look at your bite in its entirety and then treat the different problems that may cause malocclusions.

Early Intervention Helps

Whether your little ones are predisposed to developing an overbite or not, it’s important to discourage poor oral habits and encourage good hygiene. This helps to minimise the potential for jaw and alignment issues.
If you suffer from malocclusions, or if overbites run in your family, both you and your children could benefit from braces. Your orthodontist will advise the right course of treatment to achieve a straight and beautiful smile.
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