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What Is a Specialist Orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone extra years of training, focused on orthodontics. In dentistry, there are a number of specialist areas, including endodontics (root canal therapy), prosthodontics (this includes restorative treatments like crowns and bridges) and oral surgery. Orthodontics is concerned with treating jaw and teeth irregularities. It usually involves straightening your teeth with removable or fixed braces and sometimes both.

How Does a Specialist Orthodontist Train?

Before a dentist can train as an orthodontist, they need to hold a dental degree and demonstrate experience in a variety of different dental specialties. Orthodontics is a competitive field, and many applicants already hold a postgraduate qualification.

Do Orthodontists Only Straighten Teeth?

A specialist orthodontist is your best bet for a beautiful, healthy and straight smile. In their day-to-day jobs, dentists examine dental and oral cavity abnormalities and treat different conditions. Primarily, a specialist orthodontist is responsible for straightening or realigning teeth and jaws with the help of braces and orthodontic retailers.
An orthodontist will carefully study your dental and medical history. During your consultation, your specialist will analyse your photos and x-rays. After that, your orthodontist will develop tailored treatment plans to suit your goals and your budget.
When it’s time, your specialist orthodontist will fit you with the relevant dental appliances, prepare your treatment records and monitor your progress. They may also design appliances such as space maintainers, retainers and lingual braces.
Orthodontists regularly consult with other doctors and staff. Furthermore, they do their best to educate you about proper teeth-cleaning and healthy eating habits, especially during treatment.

Where to Find an Orthodontist

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