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What Causes Chalky Teeth and What Can You Do About It?

Have you ever ground your teeth together and it feels like chalk? It’s a valid comparison since chalky teeth is a temporary side effect of eating certain foods that are high in oxalic acid, like strawberries or spinach. A quick mouthwash rinse or even swishing water around in your mouth will get rid of the sensation.
Not all chalky teeth are the result of eating foods, though. In fact, it can be an uncomfortable condition that compromises your dental health.

The Causes of Chalky Teeth

Hypomineralisation can lead to chronic chalkiness. This is a condition that’s characterised by a decreased mineral content in your mouth that results in exposed enamel. So, that chalky feeling is the result of enamel drastically lacking mineral content. It can leave your teeth prone to cracking.
Sometimes, you may notice white spots on your teeth. With this condition, your teeth are left compromised, often becoming sensitive when you eat and drink cold things.
It’s a condition that’s definitely no joke. Whenever sensitivity to temperature becomes an issue, your teeth’s integrity is at risk. Failing to have your chalky teeth treated can lead to pain and an increased chance of breakage.

What You Can Do About It

Typically, chalky teeth must be removed and replaced with a synthetic tooth. A less extensive treatment involves developing crowns for the affected teeth. The crown is designed to cover the tooth and protect it from food wearing down the already weak enamel.
For children, the answer involves fluoride treatments. With the help of such treatments, a child’s teeth can regain the lost minerals that are causing the chalky teeth. That’s because children’s teeth are still developing and with fluoride compounds, the teeth can rebuild themselves.
Chalky teeth is a condition that you need to address. Any toothache is a sign of potential harm to your dental health.
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