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Can Braces Change Your Appearance?

Braces seek to shift your teeth into improved alignment, using a metal wire and bracket system. Your orthodontist can rectify any bite problems, including overbites and underbites, and allow you to smile confidently. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just change the appearance of your smile, but can also bring the jaw forward for an improved profile. So, yes, braces change the position of your teeth and can alter the appearance of your face. At times, the profile change is both aesthetically and functionally desirable. While at other times, no alteration in facial appearance is necessary and simply straightening the teeth is the goal. If you’re concerned about a change in facial appearance due to braces, keep reading.

Braces and Facial Appearance

It’s common for the face to have a certain level of asymmetry. However, for some people the asymmetry is especially pronounced, and it frequently begins in the mouth. Braces restore symmetry subtly and slowly, allowing people to see your face for what it actually is. Here’s a list of problems that braces change efficiently:


An overbite can make you appear as though you lack a chin. Individuals with overbites typically have sunken cheeks and protruding upper lips. Fortunately, your orthodontist can use braces and other appliances to position your jaw forward.
Remember, a huge proportion of your appearance is dependent on the underlying teeth and bones. Your look might surprise you once your orthodontist corrects the malocclusion.  


An underbite could make you appear as though your jaw’s too big for your face or make your chin stick out. You might have this problem if the bottom lip is sticking out farther than the upper lip. Your orthodontist will develop a plan to straighten your teeth and shift your back, allowing you to attain natural-looking profile. It’s important to note that your jaw plays a role in how your face looks.

Open Bite

You’ll know you have this problem when your mouth constantly seems stretched, and in serious cases prevents your mouth from closing completely. This is a particularly visible issue since it causes your upper lip to protrude while causing your cheeks to appear sunken.

Braces Change Your Appearance for the Better

While braces seek to transform your smile, their effects go beyond your teeth. Depending on your age, they could also change your facial appearance.
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