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Should You Clean Your Teeth Before Getting Braces?

This question may seem obvious to some, but the answer is “yes”. If you can, try to schedule a regular professional cleaning appointment with the dentist a couple of days before you are due to get braces. This will ensure your teeth are plaque-free and ready – before the braces appointment. After all, you want … Read more

Types of Braces and Cost : Gold Coast

Braces are devices that help align and straighten your teeth. While some dentists apply some kinds of braces, only an orthodontist has the specialist experience to work with all types of braces. With so many different orthodontic tools out there to help you achieve a straight and healthy smile, we thought we’d take a look … Read more

Which Types of Braces Are Right for You?

The decision to get braces is a big one. Factors like cost, time and overall appearance all come into play. Anyone, whether you’re a teenager or an older adult, might feel you need braces but aren’t comfortable with how you might look. The good news is that there are many types of braces on the … Read more

When Is the Right Time for Braces?

Whether you’re thinking about getting braces for your teenager or yourself, orthodontic treatment can have different results depending on your problems. The good news, though, is that you’re never too old to achieve a straight and healthy smile. As long as you have teeth, it could be the right time for braces. A Few Braces … Read more

How Do Braces Know Where to Move the Teeth?

Although we are trending toward a world of Artificial Intelligence, braces cannot yet think for themselves… Braces move teeth into place through a treatment schedule devised by your orthodontist. Orthodontists will place the brackets in exactly the right place on the tooth, then thread an archwire through which will slowly move back to it’s original … Read more