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Should You Clean Your Teeth Before Getting Braces?

This question may seem obvious to some, but the answer is “yes”. If you can, try to schedule a regular professional cleaning appointment with the dentist a couple of days before you are due to get braces. This will ensure your teeth are plaque-free and ready – before the braces appointment. After all, you want the treatment process to go as smoothly as possible. So you should clean your teeth before getting braces.
If your teeth aren’t properly clean before getting braces, the orthodontist will need to clean them using a polishing paste. This is so that the braces can be effectively cemented to your teeth.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Teeth Before Getting Braces?

Firstly, your orthodontist will want you to start off with clean teeth. So they have the knowledge that your bones and gums are healthy enough for braces.
Also, your orthodontist wants to be sure that there is no decay prior to placing the braces on your teeth. If decay is present, it needs to be treated before the braces are placed. Once you have the braces on, they tend to get in the way of your dentist’s ability to properly clean your teeth. It can also make properly cleaning teeth at home a challenge. Nobody wants to make an adverse situation – like decay – worse during treatment with braces.

What Will the Orthodontist Look for Before Placing Braces?

At your teeth cleaning appointment, there are a few things that both the dentist and orthodontist will check for. The first is to make sure your bone support for your teeth is sufficient. If it isn’t, braces could actually result in pain, or even your losing your teeth! Next, they will make sure there is no decay as well as no faulty dental work. Finally, your gums need to be in perfect health so that the brackets can be bonded to the teeth without causing excessive bleeding and, therefore, failure of the brackets.
Don’t worry, getting braces shouldn’t be a daunting experience. Your orthodontist will have the experience to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and gives you the results you want!
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