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Men’s Health Week 2022: Seeking therapy is great way to deal with mental health issues


International Men’s Health Week was initiated by six leading organisations that focus on men’s health. It was officiated at the 2nd world meet by World Congress on Men’s Health in Vienna, Austria in 2002.

The Men’s Health Week was commemorated as a step towards raising awareness of the worldwide issues revolving around the overall health and wellbeing of men and boys. The focus is to change mindsets and policies that favour their health’s betterment.

Western Sydney University aims towards engaging communities across the globe to come together and work towards bettering the lives of men.


Men’s Health Week has been celebrated in the middle of June every year since 2002. The idea of observing Men’s Health Week annually is to draw attention and awareness toward the wellbeing of men across the world.

This year’s theme as announced by Western Sydney University is “Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys”. The theme this year focuses on the importance of providing a better environment for men. Our society often overlooks the mental and emotional needs of men and considers them to be ‘stronger’.

Western Sydney University wishes to draw more focus toward men’s mental health this year. Through the Men’s Health Week 2022, we attempt to create a welcoming environment for the needs of men across the globe.

Why is men’s mental health awareness important?

As discussed previously, the theme for this year’s Men’s Health Week is “Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys”. Drawing a healthy and engaging environment for men is more important than it has been ever before.

Mental health issues are still taboo globally. This lack of importance provided for mental health stops people from seeking the help they need. Providing a safe and professional environment to men can help reduce and combat mental health issues as a whole. Bad mental health poses various health complications, affects personal relationships, and hinders productivity at work among various other issues.

Here are some common adverse effects of bad mental health:

Mood disorders

Lack of proper mental health guidance is prevalent as a whole. This lack of mental health sensitivity also affects men around us. In fact, researchers have reported more men being affected by depression than women. Men also often experience stress, tension, and other worrying mood disorders due to problems at work or/and at home.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common by-products of mental health issues among men. Prolonged alcohol abuse may even pose threat to one’s physical health. Alcohol abuse can also worsen inter-personal relationships and the quality of work in the workspace.


Smoking similar to alcohol abuse is a by-product of poor mental health in some cases. Smoking has often been advised as a solution to excess stress and tension. However, this ‘solution’ causes more harm than good. Smoking can cause cancer and adversely affect the body’s ability to function properly.

Other chronic diseases

Prolonged undiagnosed mental issues along with frequent drinking and smoking may also cause other chronic diseases. Hence, taking treatment for mental issues is important for one’s physical health. Poor mental health may also alter one’s eating habits and routine. Mental issues may cause eating disorders such as loss of appetite, binge-eating, and so on.

How can we contribute?

The Men’s Health Week’s theme for this year focuses on creating a better environment for men. We must take these steps toward providing them with a comfortable and accepting environment.

Here are some ways in which we can contribute to this cause:

Create accepting environment

The first towards building a healthy environment is to be supportive. Being accepting of the mental needs of the men around us is a great way to start. Creating help groups and normalising seeking professional help can help combat the taboo around mental issues.

Start early

As the theme suggests, we must also focus on younger men. Providing boys with an environment where they can communicate their feelings and concerns is a great way to inculcate open dialogue about mental health.

Provide guidance

Besides providing support and creating an accepting environment, we must also encourage seeking professional help. Policies to implement the importance of seeking professional help. Seeking therapy, counseling, and medication if need be, are all professional and healthy ways to seek mental help.

Avoid burnout

Stress and various other mental disorders may be caused due to burnout at work or home. Taking a break when needed can help reduce your chances of developing various mood disorders. Working out, listening to music, dancing, socialising are all proven ways to help better your mood and promote happy hormones.

Implement healthy lifestyle

As discussed above, mental health issues may arise or worsen through the intake of alcohol and other unhealthy substances. Following a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet, a workout routine, and socialising can help reduce one’s chances of developing mood disorders.

In conclusion, we must aim toward ending the taboo revolving around mental health. We must always recognise the importance of proper mental health and the need for professional guidance. In case you or someone around you is experiencing poor mental health, we encourage you to seek professional help. Just like other diseases, mental health issues can also be only treated once diagnosed by a professional.

– Parul Raizada