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What Causes Teeth Shifting In Adults?

Have you noticed a slight shift in your teeth? You may not have, as the changes daily are almost imperceptible. But over time, these small changes can result in teeth misalignment.  It’s an uncomfortable thought, especially if you’re experiencing pain from your teeth shifting.
Contrary to what many people believe, major teeth changes don’t stop when you’re a kid. In fact, teeth continue to shift over time. That’s why it’s entirely possible for adults to endure the symptoms of shifting teeth. It’s safe to say that changes in your teeth don’t stop with adolescence. While this is all very natural, there are also a few other reasons teeth shift.

Teeth Shifting in Adults

Your Genes

You might have been born with straight teeth. But if the genes say so, they’re going to shift at some point.

Pesky Cavities

When you have cavities filled, it can cause changes to both your bite and your teeth. If you don’t seek treatment for decay, it can spread to bone and gums, eating away at the bone that holds a tooth in place. This loosens the tooth, causing it to move.

The Ageing Process

As you get older, the spaces between your teeth wear away. In turn, the enamel thins out and since your lower teeth are thinner anyway, they wear out quicker. The more your lower teeth wear and tear, the less they can stand the force of the top teeth biting down. So, teeth shifting happens.

Grinding your Teeth

Constant grinding makes the lower jaw to push forward. This puts tension on your top teeth. The continuous pushing then has an impact on the position of the upper arch, eventually pulling them out of place.

Missing Teeth

If you’re missing a bottom tooth, the tooth above grows downwards as there’s no barrier stopping it. What’s more, the teeth next to it start moving sideways.

Stop your Teeth in their Tracks

If you’ve noticed your teeth shifting, it may be time to book a consultation to discuss your teeth straightening treatment options. The sooner you identify the cause of shifting teeth, the easier it is to treat and stabilise your smile.
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